Time keeps on slipping, into the future…..

Whew, this has been a heck of a couple of weeks! We have been busy, busy, busy getting the new babies settled in while getting a few of the farm ventures started. We celebrated our annual Homecoming for my small but proud hometown over Memorial Day weekend. The farm took the time out from other things and made some shirts to sell for the even.

The farm has been full of new life with our laying chicks, meat chicks, ducks, and turkeys. This promises to be a really eventful summer and fall harvest as well as a learning experience with the butchering of animals happening for the first time for my oldest daughter.

My youngest turns 2 in a few days. I swear, the more I want time to slow down the faster it seems to go. I look forward to all the new things she is learning but I want to keep her little for as long as I can.

While I know this is a short post, there is so much going on that I would have to sit for hours to update all the stuff going on. Don’t worry! I will be updating again soon! Now off to catch the younger babies that free range but don’t like to roost on their own yet!


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