March 23, 2022

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but this farm girl is super excited for spring! Never fails, though, that there will be a day where the weather turns cold, rainy, and sloggy (yes, I created this word, Mr. Webster). This is the opposite of the weather I need to make my farming soul happy! I need to be doing work in the rich soil that brings the super foods I feed my children! I need to get the baby chicks and ducks in their brooder so I have precious new life to hold in my hand!

Alas, I am inside dreaming and trying to hold back my spring fever until the warmth I know is coming breaks through this hump that happens after every meteorological spring. I know I will be able to wait and the wait will be so worth it. In fact, the truth will happen that in the heat of the summer pulling weeds and fixing additional nesting I will be begging for the cool days I have right now.

So, for today I will be excited for the new season and try to keep my spring fever in check with making the multiple lists I need to make and search for the multiple supplies I need to be ready for the rush of activity I know is on the way!

I pray that today we try to prepare for what life will bring us and trust that “there is a God in heaven” who is already there!


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