I used to feel like I had gone too far. I felt like there was no way that God could ever use me again or that I had missed the chance to work in ministry. The truth is that I had felt like such a failure that God was just done with me and didn’t want to bother with using me ever again. What a lie from the pits of hell! God loves me so much and wants to use me no matter where I have been. He called David “a man after God’s own heart” and he had an affair with a woman, killed her husband, and lied to the people about what he had done. Abraham was called a “friend of God” and he couldn’t wait on the promise of a son so he slept with his wife’s maidservant!

We all fall short and do the wrong things sometimes but God takes our broken hearts and makes something beautiful out of our shortcomings. He sees us as we are, human. We are not perfect and we need to stop believing what the world is telling us. God can use us for his glory! I am a prime example! I am working in ministry again!

Have you felt like you can never be of use to God because of your past or even your present? Don’t let the devil lie to you and tell you that God is done with you! God is not finished with you yet! Ask for the restoration that is so readily available from God and get ready to see what God has planned for you! He will open the doors that he wants opened and will shut the doors that he wants shut. The only catch is that you have to ask him to do it. He is a gentleman and he will only do what we will ask and allow him to do.

“Father, I thank you so much for your restoring hand in my heart. You have created a pure heart in me and restored a right spirit inside me. I pray that we would invite you in to do some housecleaning in our hearts today. We need restoration to be the people that you have called us to be. I pray that we do not get discouraged in the cleaning process. We need to trust your timing. Restore us to you so that we can be useful in kingdom business! Save the lost, Father. I love you. Amen”


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