Summer Time!

Woohoo! I am so excited for this summer and all the things that are happening! We are less that 2 weeks away from my big family camp trip and it is going to be so fantastic! My dad has the scavenger hunt all ready to go and even has the prizes on order with a local vender. I think he is going to have more fun than all of the people playing the game!

We also just got our first batch of produce from our garden. We harvested some green beans that I am going to cook with some new potatoes this week. We love anything that is fresh so we look forward to the rest of the harvest that we will have in the coming weeks. The blackberries are red now so we will be picking those very soon and my mom and I will be making an old family recipe for blackberry cobbler that is the best I have ever had. I am so excited for all the thing that I will be teaching my children one day!

We are getting geared up at our church for Vacation Bible School next week. I have always loved being involved with the local kids and teaching them the very foundation of the gospel. Our theme this year is Sun Spark Labs with our logo being GP4U = Jesus. This is all about God having a plan for our lives that is so much greater than the world has planned for us. We all have so much fun during bible school and this year will be the same way.

I love how the Lord is moving in my family and our church. He is such an awesome God and a wonderful father. I have been feeling his moving in my heart and doing some deep cleaning in the darkest parts of my heart. I just know he has so many great things in store for my family!

Keep watching, cause this family is a changing!



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