Days gone by….

I am sitting here today with so much change happening!

I am watching my beautiful garden growing and producing, even though I haven’t ate anything out of it yet. There will be plenty of produce for me to preserve, though! I am looking for recipes for canning things such as pickles, peppers, relish, and anything else I can find. I am always open to new ideas.

My chickens are growing and should be laying soon, so we will be eating fresh eggs before long. I have increased my flock by 3 Easter eggers. They are such cute little boogers! My dad is about to go crazy with letting them out every day and making sure that the big chickens don’t “bully” the little chicks. He is a little bit crazy about them.

I love that it is fully blown summer in the Ozarks! The grass is so green and the creeks and rivers are full and so very inviting! We are already planning all the aspects of our family camp trip that happens this 4th of July weekend. We found out that this is a tradition that has lasted 83 years in our family. My dad is very involved in planning a scavenger hunt for the family to compete in and my cousin is getting herself ready to be the family therapist. We all have such a good time and we love being around each other.

I am also getting ready for the many changes that come with my husband finishing his last year in school. He is so smart and has done so well! I cannot wait to watch him succeed. He is looking into what to do about the job he wants and he gets so stressed about it but I just remind him to trust in the Lord. He has never left us!

We have made it to snake season. I am not one to just hate animals for no reason but I really don’t like snakes. It was not as big as I have seen but it was still big enough.

There always seems to be change and I am working hard on letting it come and enjoying all the changes but it is hard. I am so glad that God never changes!


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