Keeping on, Keeping on

Well, I have to say this has been a better week. I had to have some adjustments to my meds and I am feeling much better. It is also begining to look more and more like springtime in the ozarks and for that I am very grateful.

We are getting all prepared for new chicks in a couple of weeks. Every trip to the grocery store results in my daughter asking where the babies are and me having to respond with “It’s not time, yet.” I would have to say though, they are the highlight of our year. We are getting about a dozen eggs a day from our hens and ducks. They are working overtime!

We did lose our turkey. None of us have any ideas as to what happened to her but we are all heart broken about our big, lap turkey.

With spring just around the corner, we are doing as much prepwork a possible for the garden. I will have a full post about the garden fence we are building and the seeds we are planting. I am, however, busy bying all the seeds I can find for the garden and getting all the seed starter mix I will need. This fall I became obsessed with succelents so there will be a post about that soon a well!

I hope that everyone is keeping on with the lives that we live and that we are seeking the Lord in everything. I will be back with more posts and pictures soon!


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