Friends and Family

We all have friends. They are the family that we choose for ourselves. I have been so blessed over the years to have many friends that have turned into family. My husband and I have added people to that list over the years that are aunts and uncles to our baby girl. Others of those friends are ones that I have had for many years and will always hold a special place in my heart.

The friendship that means the most to me is not one that I have made with an individual (although those are very special). I can honestly say that the friendship that I have with Jesus means more to me than anything. He has been there for me when even loved ones have walked away. He has loved the parts of myself that I couldn’t even love. He truly has been “the friend that sticks closer that a brother.” I have been able to call on him and he has answered in my darkest hours. If I have needed to be the realest parts of myself he is always listened and loved me. He is my best friend.

Do you have someone like that in your life? Have you met the greatest friend that there is in the entire universe? He is just one whisper away from being there. He loves you in your mess. He loves you in your victory. He loves you through everything. Ask him to be that friend for you.

“Father, I thank you so much for sending your son for me. He is the most wonderful part of me and I would give up anything just for him. I pray that anyone that is listing to this message is hearing the love that you have for us. I pray that they would ask, pray, seek, and find you in their lives today. We need you now more than ever. Save the lost, father. I love you. Amen.”


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