Farm Life

This has been a heck of a year with more changes that I care to admit. For one, part of the farm family is going to be traveling and working for various government agencies in line with her degree (my mother and father). We will be taking over and managing the farm and house life here while they go on their grand adventures. Some may feel shorted on this front but being a home base for the ones who desire to help others in disasters is exactly my plan from the very beginning. My dream has always been to farm; it’s as simple as that. I love my life and am doing everything to preserve a dying lifestyle in this fast paced world we live in.

School is about to start back and this is always a bitter-sweet time for me because I love the summer time growing season. School adds a new level of stress in the peak harvest season around here. I love the knowledge I gain from my studies but I am not looking forward to the workload. I am hopeful that I will be done with this degree in the next year so I can move on to the next phase in our lives here on the farm.

My oldest is starting kindergarten this fall!!! Time seems to be rushing by and my sweet baby is growing faster than I would like her to but in ways that make me so proud of her. Thankfully, she is able to do her schooling at home with me so that I can help her deal with the rising issues with her ADHD. She is brilliant so I foresee us overcoming all the challenges that school will bring.

This was just a quick update while I wait for the testing session to open for my graduate school exam. This test is just one more step in my journey toward my degree.

I pray the Lord’s sweetest and richest blessings on everyone!

Until next time.


Yep, over 2020.

Ya, I know. Been here, done this, bought the t-shirt. I will do better, I promise. This has been a rough year for me because of covid and having a baby during a pandemic. She was born in June of 2020 and was truly a bright spot in the middle of a dark time for everyone. More to come on my sweet baby. Anywho, I just wanted to get something out there tonight and simply say there is more to come! God is good and always faithful, even when we are not.

Keeping on, Keeping on

Well, I have to say this has been a better week. I had to have some adjustments to my meds and I am feeling much better. It is also begining to look more and more like springtime in the ozarks and for that I am very grateful.

We are getting all prepared for new chicks in a couple of weeks. Every trip to the grocery store results in my daughter asking where the babies are and me having to respond with “It’s not time, yet.” I would have to say though, they are the highlight of our year. We are getting about a dozen eggs a day from our hens and ducks. They are working overtime!

We did lose our turkey. None of us have any ideas as to what happened to her but we are all heart broken about our big, lap turkey.

With spring just around the corner, we are doing as much prepwork a possible for the garden. I will have a full post about the garden fence we are building and the seeds we are planting. I am, however, busy bying all the seeds I can find for the garden and getting all the seed starter mix I will need. This fall I became obsessed with succelents so there will be a post about that soon a well!

I hope that everyone is keeping on with the lives that we live and that we are seeking the Lord in everything. I will be back with more posts and pictures soon!


Has everyone else just wondered what in the world has been going on? I mean, I have never felt this run down and beat up in my life. I literally mean it feels like my whole family has been taking fire for the last 6 months and all we have been able to do is hunker down and withstand the bombardment. The truth is, there have been times I have wanted to give up and just stop living. I have wanted to let go of everything that I have been entrusted with and just cease to exist.

Then I read a quote that has changed the way I feel about my life and the enemy attacks I have been facing. You see, I have been hanging on by a thread for the last 2 months and I have not been really sure how to survive. I feel like I may need to share a little about what has been happening.

My family has a small history of depression and anxiety that we have all battled with from time to time but in the last 6 months my father has been really struggling. I won’t go into much detail about him because that is his story to tell, not mine. I will say that we both have issues that we have been able to cope with that have suddenly been escalted over the past 6 months. The truth is, we started attending a new church about a month before this all started and I personally believe that this the reason for the assualt we have been under as a family. We had started to be really involved in the new church and I had actually started to step out and use some of the gifts that God has blessed me with. I had started graduate school and was planning on having another baby (I had finally started to loose enough weight and had my sugar under control; another post about how in later days).

I made the enemy angry. I started to do the very things that God has called me to do and has anointed me to do many years before. I promise you, all hell broke loose on my family. And, if I am totally honest, I have hid many times over this onslaught we have been facing. In fact, I finally had to go to the doctor for my anxiety and depression. Thankfully, it is being treated the same way that others in my family have been treated so I feel good about it all. And the doctor is working with me on having another baby. I have found some answers to questions I have been asking for years.

Now, back to my earlier reference to a quote that has helped more than you could ever imagine. I have been at the end of my rope for a long time over all of the things that seem to be swirling around me and that I have not been able to change no matter how hard I have tried. The origional quote says “When you are at the end of your rope, then tie a knot and hang on.” While this is sound advice, I like this one much better, “When you are at the end of your rope, make sure it is the hem of His garment.”

Pretty simple, huh? But still, so profound! The hem of his garment. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, let me clue you in. When the priest was anointed with oil in the temple, the oil started at their head andran all the way down to their feet but the bulk of the oil was caugh and kept in the hem of their garment. That is why the woman with the issue of blood knew to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment for the healing she needed. The anointing was concentrated there in the hem! So, when we get to a point in life where we have nothing left to give, we just need to hold on to the hem of his garment and believe that the same anointing that healed the woman with the issue of blood will see us through even the worst that we can face.

So, my advice for anyone today that is needing help in any area of their life to just hold on to the hem of Jesus’ garment.

Summer Time!

Woohoo! I am so excited for this summer and all the things that are happening! We are less that 2 weeks away from my big family camp trip and it is going to be so fantastic! My dad has the scavenger hunt all ready to go and even has the prizes on order with a local vender. I think he is going to have more fun than all of the people playing the game!

We also just got our first batch of produce from our garden. We harvested some green beans that I am going to cook with some new potatoes this week. We love anything that is fresh so we look forward to the rest of the harvest that we will have in the coming weeks. The blackberries are red now so we will be picking those very soon and my mom and I will be making an old family recipe for blackberry cobbler that is the best I have ever had. I am so excited for all the thing that I will be teaching my children one day!

We are getting geared up at our church for Vacation Bible School next week. I have always loved being involved with the local kids and teaching them the very foundation of the gospel. Our theme this year is Sun Spark Labs with our logo being GP4U = Jesus. This is all about God having a plan for our lives that is so much greater than the world has planned for us. We all have so much fun during bible school and this year will be the same way.

I love how the Lord is moving in my family and our church. He is such an awesome God and a wonderful father. I have been feeling his moving in my heart and doing some deep cleaning in the darkest parts of my heart. I just know he has so many great things in store for my family!

Keep watching, cause this family is a changing!


Day 1

Well, I officially went and talked to the local college about earning a masters degree. What do I want to major in? No clue. To top it all off, my chicks are growing so fast that I am trying to get the pen done as quickly as possible to be able to move them to it. I also work for a small business that I thought would take just a little time out of my week, but I have been blessed so that my small business is steadily growing and I am finding myself a little bit more busy than I would have originally thought. This is wonderful, because I love the products that I sell, and now I am sharing them more and more with other people. The Lord is truly blessing me. I will also get to plant my garden in the next week! I cannot wait to get my bare feet in that wonderful cool soil and watch life happen right in front of me! I know I am a little crazy when it comes to plants and animals, but what can you expect from a country girl like me?

My husband and father have been on the mission to catch the White Bass that run at this time every year. The best place to catch them is not far from our home but there is only about 2 weeks that they are “running” so they have been going every weekend to see if they  can catch a few. There was always this story told about my Papa and his friend going to this fishing hole. He was part Cherokee Indian, so he had his own way of doing things. He would wade out into the middle of the water and have his friend drive the boat over next to him and he would catch and toss the fish into the boat by hand. He was a wonderful person that I still miss very much.

The biggest blessing is that now I have the opportunity to earn a masters degree and then move toward teaching college online. Not many people see the blessing in this, but the reality is that I will be able to earn an income to help support my family and I will also be able to stay home with my children. The world has changed so much since I was in school and the things that I faced were nothing compared to what my children will face if they attend public school. I am just not okay with what the world wants my children to believe. I want them only influenced by Godly people who are truly living the word of God, not some watered down version that has been changed to fit their current mood or choice of lifestyle. I want my kids to grow up not knowing foul language or anything to do with the sex-crazed world that we live in. I want them to have a Godly upbringing and become adults that know nothing but church and the things of God. Is that too much to ask?

For some people in this world, and even in my life, that is so out of the ordinary that I face a constant battle to guard my children’s hearts against the ungodly things that try to steal a child’s innocence. This is one of the greatest things that a parent can do for their child is to help them stay children for as long as you can. The greatest calling on a parents life is for the parent to raise up godly children that will devote their lives to serving God. I want to honor this call as best I can.

I am counting down the days till our vacation to the ocean. We haven’t been in over 4 years and I have missed the smell of the salt water and the feeling of the sand between my toes so much! My daughter will get to see the ocean for the first time but she will be too little to remember it but I will have pictures to show her when she gets older.

Growing up is hard for everyone. This is even more true when it comes to adults that have to do the biggest growing up later on in life. I am so thankful for God’s patience with me!

“God, you are such a good, good Father. Thank you for loving me through all of my mess and keeping me close to you when I get distracted by the crazy of this world. I know that you will always direct my steps as long as I honor you and seek you first. Help me to see the world through your eyes and love how you love.”