Sunday Mornings

I woke up this morning very ready for church because of the fellowship with other believers. I need the connection to other people that do not include conversations about business practices or about the fact that the “chickie laid an egg in the window box!” I love to talk to other believer about the goodness of our wonderful savior, Jesus. Apparently nature had other plans for me this morning, so here I sit.

Believe it or not, sometimes we just need to slow down and use our time to minister to others even when we are hurting. We need to focus our hearts and minds on helping others who need the encouragement to keep facing the hard times in our lives. For some reason, we think that because we decided to follow Christ, we will have an easy life and drink from a cup that always runs over with blessings.

That is really not how this walk works. In fact, we battle a very real devil who hates us. I mean literally hates us to the core of his being. The minute we grasp this concept, we begin to understand that we will wake up every day to a battle in the heavenly places. For some people this is the scariest truth but for others this makes us understand what is really going on.

See, I woke up this morning ready to go and celebrate all that God has done for me in the past week. How he has sustained me and provided for me. I wanted to make an offering that would be a sweet aroma to him. Yet, here I am at home. Fighting a battle that has kept me home today.

However, I will not let the enemy have this victory. I will pour my heart out in encouragement to others that are fighting these battles this morning. I will read God’s word and study the lessons that we have been working on for my bible study with my tribe. I will work on the classwork for my college classes that the Lord has blessed me with.

Let’s make today a day that we rejoice that the Lord has already won the battle that we face. He has never left us for a second. He loves us so much that he sings over us like a mother sings over her child. He is fighting for us. We just need to keep our hands raised and trust that the victory is ours.

Little Things

I have had a few weeks that have just about run me ragged. Instead of focusing on the good, I have been so overcome by the bad that there seems to be no escape. My family has been going through a time of conflict that we have not had in years, my cousin (who helped raise me as a child) has been in the hospital with complications from a simple cough, we have not been able to even attend our new church because of all the colds that we have had, and now I am finally sick with a cold on the coldest day of the season.

To say that my life has been a bed of roses is not even remotely true. Anyone who tells you that life will be that bed of roses has lied to you. However, today I have had to scramble to bring in all the plants I have so lovingly nursed back to health into my already cramped house, and the plants reminded me of the little things I sometimes take for granted. I have these plants because the local stores place them on markdown when they need a little TLC and that is my favorite part of plants. I have nursed them back to health and been rewarded with beautiful plants for many years that I paid little for but invested much time into.

So, today I want to remind all of us to think about the little things that we have been blessed with. God has seen fit to open the flood gates of heaven with blessings that we cannot measure but we sometimes disregard them as the little things in life. We should never place value on our blessings but instead thank God for everything we have been given.

Mourning or Morning

This has been a rough few months. Classes started back this week and I can already see the major changes that have happened in our families lives. I drove to my only on-campus class today and, for the first time in my life, I did not visit my Granny’s. When I say that our family has been going through a rough few month, I did not exaggerate. On the first day of 2018 I buried my best friend. My Granny was not just someone that made me cookies and was fun to visit on occasion, she was someone that I did almost everything with. She was the couch I rested on when I was going to the doctor 3 times a week while I was carrying my daughter. She was the person that I wanted to call any time something happened that we had shared.

On the first day of what should be a fresh new year, I was saying a final goodbye to my Granny. Now, my Granny was a God fearing and God loving woman. So on that final goodbye day, I am so thankful that it was, instead of goodbye, a “see you later.”

That has been what has carried me through these hard days of missing her. The days that I find the thing on sale that she had been looking for. The days I pick up the phone to call her. I know I will see her again and that she is at complete peace with Jesus.

So, this year I am planting my garden in her honor. I am adding bird feeders to constantly remind me of her and her love of bird watching. I will enjoy my family for her. And I will live every moment in such a way that I will see her again. That is the hope that I have in Jesus.

I feel like 2018 kinda started badly. However, I look at all the moments that I had been blessed with and all the memories that I have and I see the sunrise to give me a fresh morning. The bible tells me that my sorrows will last for the night but joy will come in the morning, so I have embraced the new morning that God has given me.


Jesus, bring the rain!

Rain. For most people, rain is one of the worst things you can do to their day. It ruins camping trips and picnics, parties and weddings. However, in my case, I love the rain. There is nothing that makes me happier than a good rain shower or thunderstorm to make me feel all cosy and snug in my house. I can sit for hours and just drink coffee, make plans, and soak in the rain. 

I also love the way that things seem to grow better in the rain. Our garden will produce with water from the faucet but there is nothing that will make plans grow better than the rain from the heavens. 

We have had rains this summer but the rain that came today was just what we needed to quinch the thirst of the end of summer. We always stay so dry during the month of August.

I feel like the rain covers my small world in a blanket and keeps me humble and warm from the rest of the world. Things stop in the rain but other things flourish with those little drops of life-giving water. 

I think about the rains of life. I hate nothing more than a dry season in any part of my life. I love the life giving flood of living water rising over my dry soul and cleansing away all the hurt and loneliness of a drought. 

I am so thankful for the rain that will always induce praise from me to God, the giver of life. 

When we go through drought in our lives it is easy to forget the refreshing rains that will bring new and even returning life to our souls. I pray that we never forget to be patient in the drought and wait for the “cloud the size of a man’s hand” to end the drought in our lives. God will always send the rain! 

New year and new us!


This picture says so many things about the new year for me! I want to be closer to God in the coming year than ever before, and I want to study his word deeply and grow in my knowledge of the mind and heart of God. I also have some personal goals such as a significant weight loss, blogging and posting more, and greater time spent with those that I love. What are your goals for this new year? I hope that everyone has the goal to be closer to god because his word teaches us that we need to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33.” i am confident that all the other things that are meant to be according to God’s plan for our lives will work out if we seek Him first in all that we do!

So shout out them goals!




I used to feel like I had gone too far. I felt like there was no way that God could ever use me again or that I had missed the chance to work in ministry. The truth is that I had felt like such a failure that God was just done with me and didn’t want to bother with using me ever again. What a lie from the pits of hell! God loves me so much and wants to use me no matter where I have been. He called David “a man after God’s own heart” and he had an affair with a woman, killed her husband, and lied to the people about what he had done. Abraham was called a “friend of God” and he couldn’t wait on the promise of a son so he slept with his wife’s maidservant!

We all fall short and do the wrong things sometimes but God takes our broken hearts and makes something beautiful out of our shortcomings. He sees us as we are, human. We are not perfect and we need to stop believing what the world is telling us. God can use us for his glory! I am a prime example! I am working in ministry again!

Have you felt like you can never be of use to God because of your past or even your present? Don’t let the devil lie to you and tell you that God is done with you! God is not finished with you yet! Ask for the restoration that is so readily available from God and get ready to see what God has planned for you! He will open the doors that he wants opened and will shut the doors that he wants shut. The only catch is that you have to ask him to do it. He is a gentleman and he will only do what we will ask and allow him to do.

“Father, I thank you so much for your restoring hand in my heart. You have created a pure heart in me and restored a right spirit inside me. I pray that we would invite you in to do some housecleaning in our hearts today. We need restoration to be the people that you have called us to be. I pray that we do not get discouraged in the cleaning process. We need to trust your timing. Restore us to you so that we can be useful in kingdom business! Save the lost, Father. I love you. Amen”

It’s Really Tough Sometimes…..

Have you ever had one of those days? The ones that make you question everything about your life? It seems like I have those days more and more often here lately. I have had so many questions, concerns, and crying sessions than I wonder sometimes if it will ever get better. The truth is that even when I feel like I have it all together, there is something falling apart in the background. I have pondered the decisions I have made so much that I don’t even know which way is up anymore.
Then, I hear a still small voice. This voice is not something I can hear over the waves crashing around me until I choose to listen to the voice I know is always there. I hear my Father telling me everything is going to be ok. Even in the middle of all my doubts and failures He is still telling me that He is in control. I am learning to trust that voice. All he said I had to do was trust Him and he would take care of everything. God is telling me to trust him even when I can’t see the answer, because He is fighting the battle for me and all I have to do is raise my hands and praise Him through the struggles, storms, and confusion.
Today I have chosen to listen to God telling me that he has this under control. He also has your situation under control. We have to remember Daniel. He had prayed and prayed and was growing discouraged when the Angel of the Lord broke through and told Daniel that the Lord had heard his prayer the very first time he had prayed. However, the enemy had been fighting against the answer and they were still fighting and the angel alone had made it to tell Daniel to wait and to trust the Lord. We don’t always know what is going on in the heavens but God is fighting for us. We can’t give up now!
“God, I thank you so much for all that you do! You remind me to trust you through everything because you have my best in mind. You are omnipresent and my Father. I love you so much! I pray that even in the midst of all the troubles of this world I remember that you are fighting for me and that I just have to wait for the answer that you are bringing my way. Thank you for loving me when I am down and loving me when I am on the mountain. Keep me close and save the lost, Father. Amen”

Friends and Family

We all have friends. They are the family that we choose for ourselves. I have been so blessed over the years to have many friends that have turned into family. My husband and I have added people to that list over the years that are aunts and uncles to our baby girl. Others of those friends are ones that I have had for many years and will always hold a special place in my heart.

The friendship that means the most to me is not one that I have made with an individual (although those are very special). I can honestly say that the friendship that I have with Jesus means more to me than anything. He has been there for me when even loved ones have walked away. He has loved the parts of myself that I couldn’t even love. He truly has been “the friend that sticks closer that a brother.” I have been able to call on him and he has answered in my darkest hours. If I have needed to be the realest parts of myself he is always listened and loved me. He is my best friend.

Do you have someone like that in your life? Have you met the greatest friend that there is in the entire universe? He is just one whisper away from being there. He loves you in your mess. He loves you in your victory. He loves you through everything. Ask him to be that friend for you.

“Father, I thank you so much for sending your son for me. He is the most wonderful part of me and I would give up anything just for him. I pray that anyone that is listing to this message is hearing the love that you have for us. I pray that they would ask, pray, seek, and find you in their lives today. We need you now more than ever. Save the lost, father. I love you. Amen.”